Join us for our annual Men vs. Ladies Bible Reading Challenge during the month of January 2021!

Why have a challenge?  The first reason is it gets people reading the word of God. The second reason is it’s always fun to have a friendly competition.  In 2021 we will be competing with other churches!  Is your church interested in participating?  

Here’s how it will work: 
1. We need a designated contact person within each participating church. 
2. The contact person will need to collect the number of chapters read within their own church and turn them in to us every Sunday. 
3. Within each church the competition will be men vs. women. 
4. In the church vs. church competition, we will compete based on the average number of chapters read per person. The contact person will need to turn in the total number of chapters read and how many people were involved. 

We would love to have your church compete with us to read chapters of the Bible in the month of January. Will you join us in this challenge?

Download the free 30 Day Bible Reading Schedule below.  Churches, download the Bible Reading Challenge lists below, and contact us to let us know you'd like to participate.

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